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Top Culinary Travel Book

Tasting Italy: A Culinary Journey

By Andrea Karen Hammer

When news about this beautiful book from America's Test Kitchen and National Geographic landed, we were immediately mesmerized. The mixture of our two favorite ingredients--food and travel--placed this visual work of art at the top of Artsphoria's must-read list.

Here are a few reasons why this culinary travel book captured our attention. Tasting Italy explores the country’s 20 administrative regions through key ingredients such as celebrated cheeses and prized crops, specialties such as trademark pasta shapes and local breads, and food attractions such as famous farmers’ markets and festivals. Hundreds of spectacular photographs transport you from ancient villages perched on seaside cliffs into the hearts of Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice. 

In addition, 30 detailed maps chart the country’s rulers, cultural and social influencers, and evolution—even Italian ancestry in America. Region by region, recipe by recipe, the test kitchen brings foolproof versions of universally loved dishes and authentic hidden gems home to your kitchen.

When you can't get on a plane and head straight to Italy, you can enjoy a taste of this divine destination right in your home. After you explore this exquisite book, let us know some of your favorite discoveries. Until then, take some time to savor the good life!


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