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Onedome Introduces Interactive Fine Dining

Onedome, in partnership with Storylab and Monarch Catering, has created a unique combination of exquisite cuisine and interactive digital art titled, F.E.A.S.T.  Each F.E.A.S.T has table-top interactive digital art and immersive entertainment for up to 32 guests; a 5-course tasting menu & wine pairing, created and presented by Chef Nick Ronan of the Pawn Shop and Bisou; cocktails from Elixart; and admission to the LMNL gallery, an interactive digital labyrinth of 14 rooms & installations

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Life-Sustaining Force

What is the recipe for a good life? One basic cornerstone is access to nutritious and sufficient food. For most of us, meals symbolize more than fundamental nourishment. Breaking bread with others is a simple way to connect while sharing delicious treats (including a few decadent ones!), interesting stories and hearty laughter together.


Double-Edge Relationship

Some have a love-hate relationship with food. Excessive enjoyment may lead to a lifelong struggle maintaining a healthy weight. Those with minimal appetites or physical ailments battle the daily calorie-intake score sheet.


Gift of Good Health & Tips to Feel ALIVE!

When you enjoy the gift of good health, you can meet the challenges of your day. The right foods, exercise, relaxation and time in nature all contribute to a sense of well-being. Throughout, you will find our tips to help you feel completely ALIVE!

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